Roberto Villanueva
London - UK


Roberto Villanueva

Theatre Director

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From him I learned to see dramatic functions where everyone saw just stories.


It was a new time in my life, I was just seventeen when a new world opened before my eyes. I experienced THEATRE, what it can BE, and have to say that I loved it and that I didn't have many more occasions
to re-live it in the rest of my life.

I then met interesting people, lived interesting new experiences and found a first "path" in my reading.
My adult life had begun.
The time had come to know Nietszche, Artaud, Raymond Russell, Rimbaud, Propp, Lévy-Strauss, Wittgestein, Moles, Deleuze, Sollers, Proust, Derrida, Bataille, Klossowski,... so many things to be thankful for.

So I remember him; a chair, a table, some books: a sacred space.

Roberto Villanueva


Born in Córdoba/Argentina around 70 years ago, and formed in Buenos Aires (first in Architecture) he stood out being a very important piece in the 60's cultural puzzle in Buenos Aires as director of a unique institution: the Instituto Di Tella, a Center of Artistic Research and Audiovisual Experimentation from which many important artists emerged.From that time on we can find him staging over one hundred plays: Lope de Vega, Shakespeare,Thomas Bernhard, Alfred Jarry, Peter Handke, Carlos Trías, Edward Albee, Copi, Eduardo Griffero, Jorge Plante, Eduardo Pavlosky, Alejandro Tantanian...
From the period between 1978/1993 he staged & directed many great texts in Europe (Madrid - Paris)


His latest works, back in Buenos Aires, have been:



  • LA PIRAMIDE (by Copi).

    (by Peter Handke).

  • MINETTI (by Thomas Bernhard).

    Prize ACE* 1999 to BEST SPECTACLE

  • LA REINA DE LA NOCHE (by Thomas Bernhard).

  • ALMUERZO EN CASA DE LUDWIG W. (by Thomas Bernhard; Teatro San Martín - 1999)
    Awarded with:

    Prize Trinidad Guevara

    and Prize ACE* 2000 to BEST DIRECTOR.

  • EL JUEGO DEL BEBÉ (by Edward Albee; Teatro Maipo - 2000)

  • AMANDA Y EDUARDO (by Armando Discépolo; Teatro General San Martín - 2001).


Roberto Villanueva

Prize KONEX 1991 - 2001 to Theatre Director
Prize FONDO NACIONAL DE LAS ARTES 2000 to the Artistic Trajectory.

(Spectacle Columnists Association)

Roberto left us on 02.11.2005

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